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Usage Tips For Lemon Oil

So now that you have bought Lemon Essential Oil you may be wondering how to get the best benefits from it.

Cleaner: Lemon Oil is produced by pressing the rind of a Lemon, making a top-quality essential oil. I personally use Lemon Oil as a preferred cleaner. This type of oil as well as some other citrus oils have an amazing knack for getting texta and biro pen off surfaces like walls and tables. No dilution is required just a drop on the offending mark and rub with a micro cloth.

Cold and Flu: Lemon is also an amazing oil to add to the first aid kit, particularly during the winter months. A person with a cold or touches of flu could really benefit from diffusing Lemon in the house during this time. Lemon is thought to have antibacterial and antiseptic qualities. Diffusing Lemon oil into the air can help clear up mucus and congestion, as well as a runny nose or allergies.

Detoxing: Lemon is also well known for gently flushing the body of built-up toxins. Some ways to use Lemon Essential Oil for this is to dilute lemon oil in a carrier oil and gently massage the area ( such as the liver) with the oil in the direction of the heart. You can add a small amount of freshly squeezed lemon juice in warm water and drink that in the morning as a cleansing kickstart to the day.

Emotional: Lemon oil has many emotional benefits. The sharp zesty aroma is an amazing emotional pick-me-up when you are feeling emotionally numb and not thinking to the best of your ability. Adding Lemon and Rosemary to the diffuser can aid in concentration during work or study.

Lemon Oil is incredibly versatile and essential to the home.

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